iPurchase™ is an application of the iApprove™ approval routing engine specifically designed for creating Purchase Order Requisitions and Purchase Orders. In addition to approval routing, iPurchase™ delivers complete Purchasing Management functionality including RFQ Processing, Supplier eCommerce Shopping, Supplier Catalog Shopping, Project Budgeting & Spend Tracking, QAD PO Inquiry/Re-print, Mobile functionality, and Purchasing Analytics. iPurchase™ is available as an integrated solution for QAD EA, or can be implemented as a stand-alone solution and/or integrated with other ERP applications.


Intuitive Web-based solution (Plug and Play!) – Expedited Training/Utilization

iPurchase allows a user of to access the system using only a web browser making deployment to hundreds of user’s quick and simple, as well as ongoing maintenance/upgrades extremely efficient. Users can access the system from virtually anywhere with Internet access. Because iPurchase has been developed as a web based solution, utilization of the application is very quick, leading to rapid ROI.

Real-time integrated with QAD and will also operate in hybrid ERP environments

iPurchase reads the QAD Supplier Master table, the Item Master table, etc. in real time, as well as writes to the QAD Purchase Order table in real-time, eliminating the need for redundant data entry, which in turn reduces human error; improving efficiency and greatly enhancing productivity. Master file data is maintained in one place, QAD. iPurchase not only works with QAD EA. Any ERP solution can be integrated with iPurchase to allow a user to create a purchase order in their ERP solution after a request is approved.

eCommerce Shopping with all Major Suppliers (Punchouts)

iPurchase will allow your organization to link the system with all major suppliers to enable a user to be able to order items on the suppliers website and pull this data back into iPurchase for approval. Once these items are approved, a purchase order will be created in your ERP Solution.

Supplier Catalog Management

iPurchase has the ability to import suppliers catalogs allowing users visibility and access to all supplier items without leaving the iPurchase solution.

Rules Based Approval Routing

iPurchase uses the iApprove™ Rules Based Approval Routing Engine that allows the end-user organization to easily configure/create the most challenging, or simple approval routing-rules. There is NO limit to the number of approval routing-rules which can be created, or the number of conditions (And’s & OR’s) in a given approval routing rule. The iApprove™ approval routing engine provides for rules to be created using any and all of the data within the quote, for simultaneous as well as sequential approvals, for group approvals, for approval re-routing based on changes made to a quote, for retracting of a quote by the originator and re-submission of a quote for multiple approval attempts, and much more.

QAD Work Order Integration at Line Level

Purchase orders within iPurchase can be linked to work orders. This feature allows the users of iPurchase to enter work order number, lot number, and routing number for a specific work order for a subcontractor.

Project Budgeting/Tracking

iPurchase permits projects to be maintained within the system. This function allows a user to place purchases against these project which in turn tracks each approved purchase…complete audit trail…for budgeting purposes.

Charge PO to multiple Cost Centers

Each line of a purchase order can be assigned to a different cost Center (Department). This feature helps streamline the process of creating requests within iPurchase.

Line Item Approval Capability

Since iPurchase has the ability to approve line items, a user submitting a request does not have to recreate their whole submission if just one item is rejected. This again helps streamline the process of submitting and approving requests which saves time, increases efficiency and productivity.

Purchasing Analytics – United Nations Standard Products and Services Code (UNSPSC)

iPurchase features robust reporting tools utilizing many types of graphs and charts to display any data within the system. The results of these queries can then be exported to Microsoft Excel for further analysis.

Integrated with eMail and Microsoft Excel

eMail notifications are sent to the appropriate user when they need to approve/reject a request, or when a request is approved or rejected. iPurchase Query tool, can be downloaded into MS Excel for analytical and reporting purposes.

Mobile Functionality

Given that iPurchase is a completely web based application it can be accessed by many different smartphones, including iPhones, Blackberry, and Windows powered devices. By providing mobile access, purchases can be reviewed and approved by the required people who may be out of the office which reduces the request to purchase order turnaround time from days to hours. By significantly reducing the ‘request to order’ cycle time, cash flow and ultimately net profit are positively affected.

QAD Purchase Order Inquiry/Re-print (No QAD user licenses required for iPurchase!)

iPurchase has a feature which enables the user to access QAD data without the need of a QAD User license. A user has the ability to look up old purchase orders, and reprint them on an ‘as-needed’ basis.

iPurchase Supplier Catalog Management

Catalog Import Summary and Discrepancy Reporting

Catalogs are imported into iPurchase as necessary. Discrepancy reports are created and will track the differences between the existing approved catalog and the newly imported one …full audit traceability. A buyer has the authority to either approve or reject supplier catalog. Once the catalog is approved, it will be available to the rest of the users for purchase requests.

Catalog Market Testing (Request For Quotation)

An iPurchase catalog market testing allows the user to send their list of requested items to multiple vendors to locate the least expensive cost per item. Once all the items are located the user can then choose the least expensive, best rated and/or most applicable item for their request and submit it for approval.

Dynamic Rules-Based Approval Routing

iPurchase uses the iApprove™ Rules Based Approval Routing Engine that allows the end-user organization to easily configure/create the most challenging, or simple approval routing-rules. There is NO limit to the number of approval routing-rules which can be created, or the number of conditions (And’s & Or’s).

eCommerce Look and Feel

Supplier catalog section of iPurchase includes such features as a search, favorite lists, shopping cart, and product drill downs. This look and feel is familiar to most users which, once again streamlines the process of creating a request…increase in efficiency and productivity.

Product Images

iPurchase displays links to images that are contained within the supplier catalog.

Shopping Templates

The shopping templates are items that a user will request often (i.e., Favorites).

Multi-Vendor Shopping Carts

A user can pick items from different venders in order to create one purchase request. Once this request is approved, different purchase orders will be created and sent to the appropriate vendor.

Catalog Searching is performed via Keyword and/or United Nations Standard Products and Services Code (UNSPSC) Categorization Hierarchy

Users can search through a supplier’s catalog easily using different types of criteria. For example the user has the ability to use the item name, number or even the item description to find the specific product. UNSPSC codes can also be used to search for specific items

Multi-Currency Shopping Cart Recap by Supplier

iPurchase has the ability to use different currencies when the items are placed in the shopping cart. This feature streamlines the process of creating requisitions by the user not having to create multiple requests for different currencies

Product Ratings

Each item in the suppliers catalog has a product rating. These rating can be used to choose the best item for the user to purchase. The user can also rate these products themselves.