Approval Routing and Workflow

Embracing Data-Driven Approval Routing and Workflow Automation in 2020

In today’s hyper-competitive business space, finding ways to cut down on waste while improving throughput is a critical component of remaining competitive. As companies continue to adopt lean principles and agile project management methodologies, the battle against revenue leakage has become a focal point of many companies’ goals in 2020. In this war against waste,…

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QAD Mid West Users Group

MWUG September 22-24th, 2019 | Data-Driven Approval Routing and Workflow for QAD Users

It’s that time of year again….! Data-Driven Approval Routing and Workflow for QAD Users Mark your calendars for MWUG’s Spring 2019 Conference, scheduled for September 22-24, 2019, at the beautiful new Renaissance Westerville in Columbus, OH. Case Study session: Presented by Sean Brown, IT Manger at Somero Enterprises, on Tuesday, September 24th, 8:30 AM. Download…

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Tail spend

How Efficient, Collaborative Supplier Relationships Improve Maverick Spend

Maverick spend doesn’t promote efficient Procure-to-Pay processes or strategic supplier relationships since it takes purchasing outside the realm of your company’s e-procurement system. It doesn’t promote contractual compliance and it undermines trust and transparency. Whether you call it maverick, indirect, rogue or tail spend, “it’s the same challenge and leads to the same results–wasted money…

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Agile vs Scrum Waterfall

Defining Waterfall-Scrum Workflows for Your P2P Process – Part 2

Let’s take our definitions of waterfall-agile scrum workflows and incorporate them into the P2P process. Part 1 of “Defining Waterfall-Scrum Workflows for Your P2P Process” introduced one facet of the P2P process–invoice cost–and gave a brief overview of what each of the waterfall and agile (scrum) workflows were separately and how to think of them…

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Digital Transformation: Process Automation and ‘Procurement’ for QAD

In today’s competitive business environment, even small and medium sized companies are investing in Digital Transformation via process automation in efforts to reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and maintain customer satisfaction. The universal directive to businesses to “do more with less” is being increasingly satisfied through the application of software. According to a 2015 report by Gartner,…

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The Secret of Digital Transformation (Presentation Download)

In recent communications we’ve focused on Digital Transformation and the necessity of moving this agenda forward in your organization, or being faced with falling behind with your competitors. Let’s take Walt Disney Company for example. According to Cap Gemini, Technology (Digital Transformation) has dramatically changed the landscape at this entertainment giant. Everything from your dining…

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