AP Automation solution

The Advantages of Seamless Integration to Your ERP System with an AP Automation Solution

ERP systems play a vital role in the enhancement of a business’s back office functions related to technology, human resources, marketing, manufacturing, finances, and much more. Many companies are realizing that the functionality of these processes can be further enriched by integrating their ERP software with automated (processes and systems largely operated by technology) solutions…

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Supplier Channel

QAD User Supply Channel: 5 Ways on How Communication and Collaboration Can Improve Supplier Relationships

The Supply Channel is an organizations ‘life-blood’, and therefore the nature of Supplier Relationship is a huge determinant of the business’ chances to succeed. The output of the organization is, largely, dependent on the input, which is availed by the supplier. A business establishment ought to, therefore, put a great deal of effort in maintaining…

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QAD Mid West Users Group

MWUG September 22-24th, 2019 | Data-Driven Approval Routing and Workflow for QAD Users

It’s that time of year again….! Data-Driven Approval Routing and Workflow for QAD Users Mark your calendars for MWUG’s Spring 2019 Conference, scheduled for September 22-24, 2019, at the beautiful new Renaissance Westerville in Columbus, OH. Case Study session: Presented by Sean Brown, IT Manger at Somero Enterprises, on Tuesday, September 24th, 8:30 AM. Download…

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Procurement Budget

5 Reasons You Need a Procurement Budget and Tips for Making One

Procurement Budget: Budgeting, while many times painful, is among the most important aspects of an organization(1). In the past, the procurement department was not included in the budget-making process. It was not represented in organization-wide budget meetings. The role of procurement in budgeting was relegated to direct acquisition. However, currently, things are changing, and procurement…

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Red Flags of Procurement Fraud

QAD Midwest Users Group (MWUG) Featured Article: Beating Fraudsters at Their Game

Beating Fraudsters at Their Game: Insights on How Procurement Solutions Help to Curb Fraud (Published May 30th, 2019: MWUG Spring Newsletter) Fraud cases are on the rise. Today, many businesses fall prey to fraudsters, thanks to technological loopholes. Fraud has adverse effects on an enterprise regardless of the size. Among the main outcomes of fraud…

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How Technology Makes Building and Improving Supplier Relationships Simple

Technology has always been a part of building and improving supplier relationships with B2B partnerships; from the telephone to the fax machine, technology has helped businesses facilitate P2P processes and communications. This is still true today, yet the difference is the level of technology being used.   In particular, the rapid advances with online technology…

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Supplier Related Transactions

3 Benefits of Digitizing and Simplifying Supplier Related Transactions

As markets connect on a world-wide level and technology continues to rapidly progress toward digital automation, businesses are constantly adapting to keep pace with the changes. In the process of this adaptation, businesses must be shrewd when choosing solutions; enterprise level organizations have the most to gain from streamlining their P2P processes, yet also the…

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A123 Case Study

QAD Spring MWUG Presentation: A123 Systems Case Study – Integrating QAD EAM and Procurement

Download the presentation: A case study on procurement; ‘How to’ control Maverick Spend and the integration that ISS Group and QAD User A123 Systems developed between iPurchase® and the QAD EAM module for the primary purpose of creating and tracking the spend against project budgets. It provides a detailed overview of the integration developed, the…

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Approval Control

Approval Routing: Hardwiring Approval Control into your Procure-to-Pay Workflow

Building the perfect procurement strategy takes careful consideration and planning. It’s a process that can take years of hard lessons learned and refining. Don’t overlook Approval Control into your Procure-to-Pay Workflow. Once you have everything tweaked to suit the needs of your operation, rolling out your approval process is the final piece that brings your…

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