“For our Sales reps, having product pricing information at their fingertips is essential to make them successful and meet their sales goals. In this fast-paced world, customers today expect quick response to quote requests.  Our sales team couldn’t do it without iQuote™. I contribute a lot of the success of this program, to the developers and consultants who designed and implemented a Class A product.  All I can say is Thanks! …you make my job so much easier…!”

Janet Sauvola
Sales Administration Manager
Somero Enterprises, Inc.


“We now have 200+ personnel using the ISS Group iPurchaseTM system. Implementing this Digitized system has reduced errors, improved cycle time, and improved our relationship with our suppliers. It’s been a win for everyone. And with the ability for users to access the information with a web browser from anywhere in the world, even when people are out of the office or sick, we can easily substitute another approver without any loss of time.”

Rushik Patel, IT Manager, MTF

“In ISSG we found a Partner who brings a wealth of Sales Process knowledge, as well as the ability to deliver a solution on time and within budget…”

Laird Technologies

“We have achieved and exceeded all of our targeted objectives implementing the ISSG iPurchase solution…”

John Crane

“We have been able to double our PO volume without adding any resources… We have significantly improved our controls and data quality…”

Carlisle Brake and Friction

“We finally have control over pricing for our sales quoting… We have reduced our sales quote turnaround time from weeks to days…”

Avery Dennison

“We have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars using ISS Group’s solution… We have an efficient, scalable and maintainable approval workflow solution…”