Approval Routing


AART™, Advanced Approval Routing Technology, is a rules-based workflow engine designed and developed by ISS Group to provide for the routing of Process Forms throughout an organization, such as Purchase Order Requisitions, Sales Quotes, Expense Requests, Financial Control Documents, HR Requests, Production Requests, etc., for the purpose of review, revision, and approval/rejection of the Process Form in order to perform an action upon final approval, such as creating a Purchase Order, creating a Sales Order, authorizing a payment, updating data within a master table, etc.

Features of AART™ include:

  • Configurable User Defined Routing Rules based on any Data within Process Form, Unlimited Number of Rules
  • Dynamic Routing based on Rules upon Process Form Submission
  • Simultaneous/Sequential and Group Approvals, Out of Office Designation
  • Retract and re-submit Process Form
  • Re-Routing Upon Process Form Change
  • History of all Process Form Approval Attempts
  • Process Form Queue for Approvers
  • User/Time Date Stamp Auditability