iApprove™ is a web-based Advanced Approval Routing Technology (AART®), utilizing Progress Webspeed and Ajax designed to create Process Forms quickly and efficiently, and ‘dynamically’ route a form to one or more people within your organization for review and approval based on the data in the form and the rules that YOU configure. Once a Process Form has been approved, iApprove will perform a function such as creating a Project/Budget in QAD EA, or updating a master file, or sending an email to accounting to cut a check…and the list goes on. iApprove™ is available as an integrated solution for QAD EA, or it can be implemented as a stand-alone solution, and/or integrated with other ERP applications.

Does your organization have the need to streamline and improve control over specific QAD EA processes?



Here are just some of the QAD EA processes our clients have enhanced with our approval routing technology:

iApprove™ will Route and Facilitate:

  • Approval of PO Requisitions (iPurchaseTM)
  • Approval of Sales Quotes (iQuoteTM)
  • Approval of Supplier Catalogs (iPurchaseTM)
  • Approval of Material Pricing (i.e., RFQ’s, Catalogs)
  • Approval of CapEx Requests
  • Approval of IT Change Orders
  • Approval of HR Requests (i.e.; vacation)
  • Approval of Expense/Travel Requests
  • Approval of Master File Data changes (i.e., credit limits)
  • Approval of New Product Requests
  • Approval of Project Budgets
  • Calculating Sales Commissions
  • Financial Control Activities (i.e., approving supplier invoices, issuing Customer credit, …)

iApprove™ gives you the ability to route ANY request made within your organization, which requires approval from people other than the individual making the request.

iApprove™ Routing Engine:

Web-based solution – Access Anytime/Anywhere with only Internet Browser

iApprove allows the user to access the system utilizing many different browsers. This provides the user with the ability to access iApprove from virtually anywhere/anyplace with internet access.

Real-Time Integration with QAD EA

iApprove reads the QAD Customer Master table, the Item Master table, (any required table) in real time, eliminating the need for redundant data entry, which in turn reduces human error and improves accuracy and productivity. Master file data is maintained in one place, QAD EA.

Works with any ERP application for hybrid ERP Environments

iApprove not only works with QAD EA, but with any ERP solution. Many organizations employ multiple/disparate ERP solutions; iApprove can be integrated with any ERP solution the organization has deployed, or can run in a ‘stand-alone’ environment.

User Defined Approval Routing Rules based on any Data within Request, Unlimited Number of Rules

There is NO limit to the number of approval routing rules which can be created, or the number of conditions (and’s & or’s) in a given approval routing rule. The iApprove™ approval routing engine provides for rules to be created using any and all of the data within the request.

Configurable Rules (Point and Click – no programming required)

iApprove™ uses a rules based approval routing engine that allows the end-user organization to easily configure…creating the most challenging, or simple approval routing rules without any programming necessary. The administrators can setup a rule by simply adding criteria to the rules based engine based on their business processes for simultaneous as well as sequential approvals; group approvals; for approval re-routing based on changes made to a request; for retracting of a request by the originator, and re-submission of a request for multiple approval nattempts, and more.

Dynamic Approval Routing based on Rules upon Request Submission

iApprove’s approval based routing system uses the request from the user to determine who should approve/authorize the submitted request. This type of routing is always dynamic and never requires the need for static approvers.

Simultaneous/Sequential and Group Approvals, Out of Office Designation

iApprove rules can be setup for users to approve requests in different ways, at the same time, at different levels and/or in a group based on how a rule is setup. This makes the system extremely flexible to fit numerous types of business processes. iApprove also allows a user to set an ‘out-of-office’ (OOF) function to allow ‘assigned’ users the ability to approve the OOF approver’s request. Since a user may not be available all the time this setting streamlines the process of approvals and reduces turnaround time. If the OOF function is turned on by a user; this user, and the ‘assigned’ user that now has to approve the request, will be notified.

Approval Re-Routing Upon Request Change

This feature in iApprove will notify the correct approver based on the ‘criteria change’ in the new request.

Line Item or Entire Request Approval

Since iApprove has the ability to approve by line items, a user submitted a request does not have to recreate their whole submission if just one item is rejected. This again helps streamline the process of submitting and approving requests and saves the users significant time.

Supervisory Escalation Approvals

iApprove can be administered to have user supervisors approve a request instead of using the approval rules based engine. This Hierarchy can be easily setup in the administrative section within iApprove.

eMail Notifications to Required Approvers

iApprove sends out email notifications automatically to the required approvers based on the approval routing rules that were created. This functionality expedites the entire approval process.

Ability to Retract Request prior to final Approval

The ability to retract a request in iApprove will help eliminate incorrect, inaccurate, or dated information in your ERP system. Only the originator of the request has the ability to retract their submitted request. iApprove keeps tracks of all retracted request for audit purposes.

History of all Request Approval Attempts

iApprove will track all approval attempts per request for audit purposes

Approval Simulation prior to Request Submission

An iApprove user has the ability to ‘virtually’ see all the approvers per their request before submitting the request into the system.

eMail Notification to Request Originator upon final Approval or Rejection

iApprove will notify the originator if their request will be approved or rejected. This function helps the user know when their request was approved / rejected, and what items within the request were approved / rejected.

Time/Date Stamp of User Approvals/Rejections

iApprove has the ability to time stamp all approvals or rejects based on each request. These requests may have multiple approvers based on the rules created. The time stamp functionality will allow a user see when each approver has completed their task and how long it has taken to approve or reject a request from beginning to end.

Ability to Add/Remove Approvers and Force Approval

iApprove administrator has the ability to add the functionality of add / remove approver and force approval to a user’s settings. All Approvers that were on the approval list will be notified that the request has been ‘force-approved’.

Request Queue for Approvers, Hold Requests, Batch Approval

The iApprove queue will organize all requests that need to be approved by a single user on one screen. If the user has the correct security rights they have the ability to hold certain requests, or approve multiple requests at the same time (Batch Approvals).

Mobile Functionality

Because iApprove is a completely web based application it can be accessed by many different smartphones, including iPhones, Blackberry, and Windows powered devices. By providing mobile access, approvals can be reviewed and approved by the required people who may be out of the office which reduces the approval to purchase order turnaround time from days to hours. By significantly reducing the ‘approval to order’ cycle time, cash flow and ultimately net profit are positively affected.