12 July 2012| iApprove Webinar | is a web-based approval routing solution utilizing Progress Webspeed and Ajax technology designed to create request forms quickly and efficiently, and to dynamically route a request to one or more people within your organization for review and approval based on the data in the request and the rules that YOU configure. Once a request has been approved, iApprove will perform a function such as creating a Project/Budget in QAD, or updating a master file, or sending an email to accounting to cut a check, etc. iApprove is available as an integrated solution for QAD EA, or it can be implemented as a stand-alone solution and/or integrated with other ERP applications.

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Does your company have the need for a solution which can electronically route requests for approval based on the data within the request?

Highlighted features of iApprove™ :

  • Real-Time Integration with QAD EA
  • Works with any ERP application for hybrid ERP Environments
  • Unlimited Number of Configurable User Defined Rules
  • Dynamic Approval Routing based on Rules and Data within the Request
  • Simultaneous/Sequential and Group Approvals, Out-of-Office Delegation
  • Approval Re-Routing Upon Request Change
  • Supervisory Escalations
  • eMail Notifications to Approvers and Requester
  • Ability to Retract Request, make changes and re-submit for Approval
  • Audit Trail of all Request Approval Attempts, Time/Date Stamp of Approvals/Rejects
  • Ability to Add/Remove Approvers and Force Approval for Urgent Requests
  • Requisition Queue for Approvers, Hold Requisitions, Batch Approval
  • Mobile Functionality

Come see why iApprove™ is quickly becoming a standard solution utilized by many QAD EA user
organizations, for:

  • Approval of PO Requisitions
  • Approval of Customer Sales Quotes
  • Approval of Supplier Catalogs
  • And more!

Click here to watch recorded Webinar

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